Norfolk Island
Philatelic Bureau
Stamps 2000
Note: these year 2000 stamps are no longer available from us, Sold out.
Festivals of Norfolk Island, Part 1
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 31 January 2000
Values: Stamps: 2 x 5c in se-tenant pairs issued
  Booklet: $2.00
Printer: Photopress International, N.I.
Artist: Roger Pennycuick, N.I.
Quantity: 105,000 each stamp
Year of the Dragon
The Year of the Dragon is the 4th issue in the Norfolk Island Chinese New Year series.
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 7th February 2000
Value: $2.00 / FDC $2.40
Printer: BDT Int. Security Printing UK
Artist: Mary Butterfield, Norfolk Island
Quantity: 25,000
Ducks and Geese of Norfolk Island
Ducks & Geese - more so our ducks - are an established feature of Norfolk Island, commonly found waddling around the wetlands & convict buildings at Kingston.
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 18 February 2000
Values: Stamps: 45c,75c, $1.05, $1.20
  FDC: $3.85
Printer: Southern Colour Print, New Zealand
Artist: Tracey Yager, Norfolk Island
Quantity: 50,000 each value
ANZAC Day 2000
This is a very special issue to honour the Norfolk Island servicemen who did not return from the fields of battle of WWI, WWII & the Korean War.
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 25 April 2000
Values: Stamps: 45c, 75c
  FDC: $1.60
Printer: House of Questa, United Kingdom
Designer: Photopress International, N.I.
Quantity: 24,000 each value
Whaler 2000 Project
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 1 May 2000
Values: Stamp: $4.00
  FDC: $4.40
Printer: BDT International Security Printing
Artist: Glenn Douran
Quantity: 24,000
Bounty Day 2000
8th June 1856 marked the arrival of the ‘Morayshire" at Norfolk Island, bringing with her 194 Pitcairn Islanders, the descendants of the ‘Bounty’ mutineers, to start a new life, in their new home.
Each year, the people of Norfolk celebrate with a re-enactment & great feasts, the national day marking the start of life in their homeland – Bounty Day.
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 8 June 2000
Values: Stamps: 45c, 75c
  FDC: $1.70
Printer: House of Questa, United Kingdom
Artist: Tracey Yager, Norfolk Island
Quantity: 24,000 each value
Eighth Festival of Pacific Arts 2000
This issue commemorates the 8th Festival of Pacific Arts to be held in New Caledonia in October 2000. These festivals, held every 4 years are a gathering of the peoples of Polynesia, Melanesia & Micronesia to celebrate their culture & traditions in art, music, dance & storytelling.
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 19 June 2000
Values: Sheetlet: 75c, $1.05, $1.20, $2.00
  FDC: $5.40
  Stamp: 45c (boxes of peel & stick, x 50)
  FDC: $1.30 (2 stamps)
Printer: BDT International Security Printing Ltd
Artist: Alison Ryves, Norfolk Island
Quantities: 24,000 (sheetlet )
  100,000 (2000 boxes of 50)
Olymphilex 2000
Norfolk’s first Olympian & Gold Medallist of the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm is commemorated with a special Miniature Sheet. Malcolm Champion was born on Norfolk to merchant seaman Captain William Champion & Sarah (nee Quintal) who was born on Pitcairn Island & came to Norfolk Island in 1856.
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 15 September 2000
Value: Stamp: $3.00
  FDC: $3.50
Printer: House of Questa, United Kingdom
Art Setup: Photopress International, N.I.
Quantities: 30,000
Canpex 2000
A souvenir sheet has been produced for Canpex, New Zealand’s, Year 2000 National Philatelic Exhibition, Christchurch.
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 5 October 2000
Value: Sheet: $2.40
  FDC: $2.90
Printer: House of Questa, United Kingdom
Art Setup: Photopress International, N.I.
Quantities: 20,000
Christmas 2000
This years festive stamps are inspired by the popular Christmas carol "Silent Night" written in 1816 by the young Austrian priest Joseph Mohra. The Original carol has been translated into more than 140 languages.
The set contains 4 colourful stamps. Each stamp portrays a verse from the carol and the first line of that verse is inscribed in the gutter.
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 20 October 2000
Value: Stamps: 45c, 75c, $1.05, $1.20
  FDC: $3.95
Size: 31mm x 40mm
Artist: Roger Pennycuick
Printer: Cartor Security Printing - France
Quantities: 45c: 50,000
  75c, $1.05, $1.20: 30,000
Norfolk Island's Personalised Stamps
Norfolk Island's first issue of personalised stamps. This set of four stamps designed by Norfolk Island school students Jessica Wong, Mardi Pye, Roxeanne Spreag, Tara Grube and Tom Greenwood commemorates the coming of the Real Millennium.
The stamps depict subjects relative to life on Norfolk Island... The 45c stamps show Philip Island (3 miles from Norfolk Island) before and after the eradication of the European rabbit. The map of Norfolk Island superimposed with birds features two endemic subspecies (which were near extinction), the Morepork and the Green Parrot, plus the indigenous Sooty Tern.
The 75c stamps show hibiscus, Norfolk Pine, the sun, a woven hat, kentia palm and a convict suit - all part of Norfolk.
Tom's artwork depicts a hilly Norfolk Island, car transport, sunny days and vibrant blue seas.
The gutters of the sheets of 60 stamps feature the photographs and signatures of these young artists - hence the term 'Personalised Stamps'.
Technical Details:
Issue Date: 28 November 2000
Values: 45c, 45c, 75c, 75c
Stamp Size: 37mm x 26mm
Artists: Jessica Wong
  Mardi Pye
  Roxanne Spreag
  Tara Grube
  Thomas Greenwood
Printer: Southern Colour Print Dunedin, New Zealand
Art Setup: Photopress International, N.I.
Quantities: 20,000 at each value